Nextbike bicycle rental service in Latvia is provided by SIA “Nextbike LV”, reg. nr. 40203192532, Riga, Lāču street 9 – 14, LV-1013. Nextbike bicycle rental operates in the international bicycle rent system Nextbike provided for by Nextbike Ltd, reg. No HRB21178, Erich-Zeigner-Allee 69-73, 04229 Leipzig, hereinafter referred to as the Nextbike. General terms and conditions of the bicycle rent system are valid during the whole period of use of Nextbike offered rented bicycles in all places and countries of provision thereof (including, but not limited to Nextbike bicycle rent, NorisBike, Metropolradruhr, PotsdamRad, Fächerrad, sz-bike, Veturilo, etc.). Settlements are provided for by the WorldPay BV (reg. No 60494344). Data protection specialist: SIA “Nextbike LV”, reg. nr. 40203192532, Riga, Lāču street 9 – 14, LV-1013, e-mail:

1 Bicycle rent general terms and conditions operation scope

1) Nextbike bicycle rental rents bicycles to registered users (if bicycles are available).
2) Bicycle rent and return is possible online and through mobile application. Additional payment may be applicable to call services. More information:

2 Registration and consent

1) Customer may register online, in mobile application or through cooperation partners.
2) Having received the respective person’s data, Nextbike bicycle rental evaluates the Customer’s solvency and makes a decision on registration of applications. Nextbike bicycle rental (including its cooperation partner World Pay) is entitled to process the mentioned application.
3) Having registered, Customer receives the personal identification number (PIN), by using which Customer can login to his/her Customer profile or in mobile application Nextbike.
4) Registration is confirmed, when Customer receives the account activation confirmation in the mobile application Nextbike, in e-mail or sms.
5) Having registered in Nextbike bicycle rental system, Customer is entitled to use any Nextbike rented bicycles all over the world. Map of rent points is available at: (Latvia) or (rest of the world).
6) Customer registration is free of charge. Before receiving paid bicycle rent services, Customer must provide a valid credit card. According to the Customer’s chosen payment tariff, Nextbike is entitled to receive payment for performed bicycle rent transactions. Service fees are available: (Latvija) or (rest of the world).
7) Customer must inform Nextbike bicycle rental about changes in personal data related to payment for service (credit card number, bank account) during the whole Customer’s account operation period. Within the framework of the service provision, Customer’s personal data submitted to Nextbike bicycle rental at the time of registration will be accumulated and processed on the part of Evlab LTD, Nextbike LTD and their involved partners, a detailed list of which you can see in Nextbike LTD data privacy policy at

3 Rented bicycle use terms and conditions

1) Rented bicycles may not be used:
a) by persons younger than 18 years (except accompanied by an older person and using a helmet);
b) for transportation of other persons (especially children);
c) for travels outside of country of rent (except with Nextbike bicycle rental written consent);
d) for transportation of inflammable, explosive, toxic or dangerous substances;
e) for participation in bicycle races or bicycle test events;
f) for subrenting;
g) in poor weather conditions (e. g., during a storm);
h) under influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
2) Customer is responsible for observance of road traffic safety regulations.
3) Cycling with hands off is forbidden.
4) It is forbidden to use bicycle basket for unintended purposes or overload it (maximum permitted weight is 5 kg). Customer must pay attention to correct fixation of the transported cargo.
5) Any reconstruction of the bicycle is forbidden.
6) In case of inconsistent use of the bicycle, Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to close the Customer’s account.
7) After receipt of bicycle return confirmation notice, Customer is not entitled to use the bicycle with a previously issued lock code. In order to use the bicycle again, rent process must be performed again.
8) Customer is not entitled to change the issued lock code or submit it to any third parties.

4 Possible number of rented bicycles

1) Customer is entitled to rent up to four (4) bicycles, using one customer’s profile.
2) Individual agreement on use of other number of rented bicycles is possible, provided that bicycles are available.

5 Rent agreement

1) Rent fee for use of the bicycle is commenced, when Customer receives lock code information from Nextbike bicycle rent.
2) Customer must inform Nextbike bicycle rental about the end of the rent term according to Section 7 clause 7. According to this information, rent fee deduction will be stopped. Customer receives confirmation to his/her phone, in application or in information on the rent terminal display.
§6 Technical condition of rented bicycles
1) Nextbike bicycle rental undertakes to perform all necessary activities, in order to provide for conformity of rented bicycles to road traffic and safety regulations. If Customer detects non-conformity of the bicycle technical condition to the mentioned regulations, Customer must inform Nextbike bicycle rent.
2) Before using the rented bicycle, Customer must get acquainted with the bicycle and its technical condition (e. g., chassis, tyre pressure, braking system, lights).
3) If Customer detects technical faults in the beginning or during the rent, Customer must inform Nextbike bicycle rental and immediately stop the bicycle rent. Nextbike bicycle rental must also be informed about such defects as tyre damage or gear defects.

7 Parking and return of rented bicycles

1) Customer must park the rented bicycle in an easily observable place, as well as observe road traffic and safety regulations when parking the bicycle. Customer must make sure that bicycle does not inconvenience traffic safety.
2) Rented bicycles may not be parked:
a) at traffic lights;
b) at parking meters;
c) at road signs;
d) on pedestrian roads, sidewalks narrower than 1.50 m;
e) in emergency exits;
f) in places, where bicycle may cover up advertisings installed.
3) regardless of duration of not using the rented bicycle, it must be locked with a lock.
4) Fees for violations of terms and conditions will be charged according to the services pricelist:
a) in case of theft (according to the Police notice) or damage of the bicycle, Customer’s liability is EUR 75.00;
b) for return of the bicycle in a place that is not Nextbike official stand or outside the allowed area Customer’s liability is EUR 30.00. List of official places and allowed zones can be found at the website or in the mobile application Nextbike;
c) for return of the bicycle without a lock, Customer’s liability is EUR 20.00;
d) for parking the bicycle at the stand without locking it with a lock, Customer’s liability is EUR 10.00;
e) for change of the bicycle lock code without informing the Nextbike bicycle rent, Customer’s liability is EUR 20.00;
f) in case of failure to return the bicycle, Customer’s liability is EUR 600.00;
or (rest of the world).
5) It is forbidden to park bicycles in premises, yards or leave them in vehicles.
6) It is forbidden to return rented bicycles outside of the Republic of Latvia. It is possible to agree on exceptions by informing the Nextbike bicycle rental in writing to the e-mail:
7) Rented bicycle must be parked in any official rent points. List of rent points is available at (Latvia) or (rest of the world). Bicycle must be locked, and its lock code is the same as issued in the beginning of the bicycle rent. Customer must inform the Nextbike bicycle rental about the end of the rent by noting it in the application, using the internet or the rent terminal, specifying the official rent point location (street name, house number, or rent point number).
8) Customer must remember the bicycle return place for at least 48 hours, in case where Nextbike bicycle rental needs additional information.
9) If Customer fails to return the rented bicycle in a specific return place according to Section 7 clause 7, Customer is applied a service fee according to Section 7 clause 4 or (rest of the world).

8 Liability of Nextbike bicycle rent and Customer

1) Customer receives the Nextbike bicycle rental provided services and is fully liable for possible harm that may be caused to it. This provision does not apply to claims of any third parties and does not affect the Nextbike bicycle rental insurer’s claims to the Customer.
2) Customer is fully liable for the rented bicycle and the received service, starting with the lock code receipt to the moment, when Nextbike bicycle rental has verified the technical condition of the received bicycle, or when bicycle is rented out to another Customer. If any technical fault or damage of the bicycle is detected, Nextbike bicycle rental must inform the Customer thereof. Customer is not liable for damages, for which Nextbike bicycle rental has not informed the Customer. Customer is liable for damages detected within 48 hours after receipt of rent services. These provisions do not apply to damages caused by theft, damages or carelessness of any third parties.
3) Customer is fully liable for losses caused in case of violation of these terms and conditions.
4) Nextbike bicycle rental is liable for intentional and gross negligence to the Customer. Nextbike bicycle rental is not liable for goods incorrectly transported by the bicycle and damages caused by incorrect transportation.
5) Nextbike bicycle rental is not liable for incorrect or unauthorized use of the bicycle, based on provisions of Section 3.
6) In case where rented bicycle is stolen during the rent period, Customer must immediately inform the Nextbike bicycle rental and the Police about the theft, specifying the bicycle identification number.

9 Activities to be performed in case of a traffic accident

1) In case of a traffic accident involving not only the Customer, but also any third parties or their property, or there are casualties, Customer must immediately inform the Nextbike bicycle rental and the Police about the accident.
2) In case of failure to observe this provision, Customer may be made fully liable for the caused damages.

10 Nextbike bicycle subscription rent (only available in Latvia)

1) Each Customer may use no more than one subscription per one registered account.
2) Nextbike bicycle rental subscription discount does not add up to other Nextbike bicycle rental promotion campaigns.
3) One Nextbike bicycle rental subscription provides for two (2), four (4) or six (6) hours free ride within 24 hours period, 50% discount off the standard price is applied to each subsequent 30 minutes.
4) After purchase of Nextbike bicycle rental subscription, Customer receives the subscription activation e-mail within 48 hours.
5) For an existing Nextbike bicycle rental Customer with an active credit card information, subscription comes into effect at the time of receipt of the activation e-mail. For a new Customer, subscription comes into effect at the time of entry of credit card data in the Payment section ( When new Customer registers his/her credit card, a deposit of EUR 9.99 is deducted.
6) Term of validity of the Nextbike bicycle rental subscription:
a) Season subscription is effective from the moment of the Customer’s account and subscription activation to the end of the season – 30 September or longer (depending on weather conditions). Actual information can be found at the website
b) Monthly subscription is effective for thirty (30) calendar days from the moment of the Customer’s account and subscription activation.
7) Bicycles are not guaranteed within the framework of the Nextbike bicycle rental subscription – service is only available depending on availability of bicycles at Nextbike bicycle rental official stations.
8) By activating the subscription, Customer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions of the Nextbike bicycle rental and agrees to processing of his/her personal data within the framework of provision of the bicycle rent services.

11 Customer data protection

1) Customer must protect his/her Customer’s account against unauthorized use thereof.
2) Nextbike bicycle rental Terms and Conditions provide that its employees are not entitled to request the Customer’s account password information, unless Customer has not contacted the Nextbike bicycle rent.
3) Customer is entitled to change his/her Customer’s account personal data at any time with no restrictions.
4) In case where information is available to the Customer that the Customer’s data are used for any other purposes than use of the Nextbike bicycle rental services, Customer must immediately inform the Nextbike bicycle rent.
5) Data not used more than twenty (12) months are automatically deactivated. Customer can activate his/her user account by sending a request to e-mail:

12 Customer’s data, blocking of the Customer’s profile

1) Nextbike is entitled to block access to the Customer’s profile in result of his/her illegal or inadequate use of the service.
2) Liability restrictions described in Section 8 clause 2 are invalid, if data leak or incorrect use has taken place due to the Customer’s fault or carelessness.

13 Services pricelist

1) Fees are applied to the Nextbike bicycle rental services according to prices valid in the beginning of receipt of services. Services pricelist is available at (Latvia) or at (rest of the world).
2) Special offers, prices, etc. are valid for one bicycle ride, exact terms and conditions of each special bicycle rent offer can be found at

§14 Payment and delay of payment

1) Customer must pay for the received services by using credit card or direct debit.
2) A deposit of EUR 9.99 is deducted from the Customer’s credit card. This amount is used for payment for the received services.
3) If deposit amount is not sufficient for paying the whole charged services fee, Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to issue an invoice for additional services to the Customer according to the pricelist.
4) If Customer fails to pay for the received services, Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to demand immediate payment of invoices and to suspense provision of the bicycle rent services, until Customer pays the whole amount of the debt.
5) If Customer has not made a payment within fifteen (15) calendar days after the specific moment of payment, Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to submit the Customer’s data to any third parties for recovery of the debt.

15 Invoice issue and payment procedure

1) Nextbike bicycle rental charges the rent fee according to the valid pricelist. Invoice is issued automatically after each received service – according to the performed bicycle rent calculation.
2) After spending the initially deducted deposit, Customer’s payments shall be processed automatically, and Nextbike bicycle rental retains the right to demand from the Customer to settle his/her financial obligations immediately, by phone or e-mail.
3) Customer must submit objections to the deposit payments in writing within one (1) month after the date of deduction of the amount. Customer’s rights are not restricted, if the Customer’s complaint is not examined within the mentioned term due to legal considerations, based on the fact that Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to examine complaints, verifying observance of data protection regulations. Refunded amounts of any kind are refunded to the Customer’s account or deducted from the next invoice, unless Customer has specified otherwise.
4) Customer is only entitled to demand remuneration from the Nextbike bicycle rent, if the Customer’s complaint is justified and indisputable.

16 Termination of cooperation

1) Mutual cooperation can be terminated bilaterally or unilaterally at any time. Customer is entitled to delete his/her Customer’s profile at any time. Deletion of the user account is only possible, if all financial obligations in respect of the used services are settled.
2) Special offers are effective according to terms and conditions of special offers.
3) In the end of validity of special offers, Customer’s profile is not deleted. If Customer wants to delete his/her Customer’s profile, it can be done at or in the mobile application Nextbike.

17 Data protection

1) Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to use and store the Customers’ data in accordance with the personal data protection regulations, which Customer can read at
2) Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to record and save all processes related to the bicycle rent, including phone conversations. Records are used to verify correctness of the issued invoices. Saved data are protected from access of unauthorized persons.
3) Nextbike bicycle rental is entitled to disclose information about the Customer to public authorities, if an application is received that the mentioned information is necessary for investigation of an administrative case or a criminal case.
4) Credit card data are submitted to the Nextbike bicycle rental partner WorldPay BV (Reg. No 60494344) performing collection of the bicycle rent fees. After registration of credit card data, these data are not seen/available to the Nextbike bicycle rental or Nextbike anymore.
5) Rented bicycles can be equipped with GPS control systems that can only be used during the rent period for recovery of a bicycle in case of theft or robbery. Customer, commencing the bicycle rent, is informed about and agrees to GPS device operation.
6) Customer is entitled to demand the access to his/her personal data, correction or deletion thereof or restricting the processing thereof. Customer is entitled to object to processing of his/her personal data, as well as is entitled to data portability. Customer must execute all requests for use of the rights in writing.
7) Customer is entitled to submit complaints to the public monitoring authority responsible for processing of personal data – State Data Inspectorate.
8) Personal data are stored and processed until the moment, when the Customer’s profile is deleted, observing provisions defined in Section 16.

18 Miscellaneous provisions

1) Any of the parties is entitled to terminate cooperation at any time.
2) Legislation of the Republic of Latvia is applicable to these Terms and Conditions.
3) Oral agreements have no legal effect.

More information about the bicycle rent services and international cooperation partners: or

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